Jerlyn Jareunpoon-Phillips

Visual Designer

Jerlyn Jareunpoon-Phillips

About Jerlyn Jareunpoon-Phillips

Jerlyn is a visual designer interested in user-centred digital product and service design. At Clearleft, Jerlyn helps improve the way businesses engage with their customers. She uses design to make the complex look clear and meaningful to end users.

Jerlyn started designing visual interfaces for digital tools and platforms when she worked in Hamburg for NikSoftware in 2008. As well as designing software for Nikon that retouched digital images, and creating plugins for Photoshop, they worked on their own products, one of which eventually became the app called Snapseed that was later purchased by Google.

Later she was the creative director for a digital and branding agency in London, working with clients in finance, aerospace and energy.

Jerlyn is an art lover, spinach pie cooker, banana bread maker, certified Vinyasa Flow yoga instructor, TM meditation practitioner, and a voracious reader of books about design thinking and theory.