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Joe Macleod

About Joe Macleod

Joe has decades of product development experience across digital, physical and service sectors. Previously Head of Design at the award-winning studio Ustwo. He then spent 3 years on the Closure Experiences project researching, writing and publishing the Ends book. He is now founder of andEnd. The world’s first business helping companies end their customer relationships.


Designing Great End Experiences Across Product Sectors

Consumers experience rich, emotional on-boarding to products, while enduring barren, meaningless off-boarding. This imbalance surfaces across business sectors and limits improving consumerism. A future differentiator for any business is going to be the end it provides it’s customers. So what will ends look like for different product sectors?

Building on the work from my last Ends book, this presentation focuses on sector needs. Highlighting a range of ends across the finance, health, tech and retail sectors. Revealing how it’s done well (and badly), and what to do when applying it to your designs.


Introduction to the Ends Canvas

Business culture overlooks ends as a meaningful part of the consumer lifecycle. However, the peak-end rule shows us that off-boarding customers can be just as important, especially if you want them to say nice things about your product and recommend the experience to their friends. In this workshop, Joe will help you design and build great off-boarding experiences through the use of his new 'Ends Canvas’.

Working in groups, on sections of the Canvas, attendees will discuss and investigate approaches to the issue of ends. 

Attendees will gain unique skills that improve their product, service and digital design. They will be amongst a small group of people who are engaging in this new approach to the consumer lifecycle. The perspective and skills they will learn in this session bring a unique approach to product development. 

Who is it for?
The session is broadly applicable to many roles. It is particularly relevant for product development, marketing, design, service design, interaction design, strategy and customer relationship management (CRM).

Ends has influence across industry sectors. Banking, transport, sales, healthcare, entertainment, start-ups, FMCG, digital and sustainability are particularly relevant.