Liam Spradlin

Visual Designer and Design Advocate

Google Design

Liam Spradlin

About Liam Spradlin

Liam Spradlin is a visual designer and design advocate at Google, based in New York City. Prior to Google, Liam was design lead at touchlab, helping build and launch great experiences on Android, iOS, and emerging platforms from smart sneakers to sidewalk kiosks.


Building Design Systems with Google’s Material Design

Material Design is Google’s adaptable design system that anyone can use to quickly build beautiful and usable digital products. In Material, a selection of flexible design components—backed by open-source code—sit on top of foundational design guidance and best-practices. Material Theming adds dimension to the system with subsystems like color, shape, and type, which can be adapted to create a custom Material theme for your product’s unique identity.

This workshop, suitable for all experience levels, will provide an overview of Material’s capabilities and hands-on exercises where you’ll implement Material Theming and emerge with real code. Through these activities, concepts, and examples, you’ll be prepared to express your existing brand with Material or create something entirely new.

Required materials: Laptop.

Who should attend: Designers, developers, and product stakeholders of all experience levels interested in learning about Material Design, Material Theming, and hands-on experience using MDC-Web and Gallery.

When we’re done, you will:

  • Be familiar with the Material Design system and its capabilities

  • Understand the principles and practical applications of Material Theming, including how subsystems such as layout, color, typography, and shape map to components

  • Understand the basics of Material Components for Web

  • Walk away with a customized theme, implemented in real code