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Molly Nix

About Molly Nix

Molly Nix is a Design Lead at Airbnb. Previously, she was the Product Design Lead at Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group, where she focused on crafting and envisioning the human experience in a Self-Driving Uber. Prior to the Uber ATG, she led the ground-up redesign of Uber’s Driver app. Before Uber, she worked at Google, where she led design for a range of YouTube creator products. She earned her master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction and her bachelor’s degree in Communication Design & HCI, both from Carnegie Mellon University.


Design Generalists: We’re Not Special, And That’s Okay

Have you ever had a hard time articulating what type of design you do? Are you passionate about design, but sometimes catch yourself creating something that resembles a business strategy deck? In this session, Molly will build off her experience at Airbnb, Uber and YouTube to talk about the dimensions that go into the identity of a design “generalist” who designs technology products for people.